Red Velvet cake

This is my last week at work. Sob. I’ve been here an eye watering SEVEN YEARS. Therefore, it is time for pastures new. As we all know, one of the best places to take a cake if you want applause and appreciation is work. When the day is long and you just want to go home, or you’re just greedy like me, cake is often what cheers up the day. So I felt I owed it to my colleagues to bake them something special. And here it is, ta-dar!!!



A two-layer red velvet with cream cheese frosting and blueberries to decorate.


Everything about this recipe I stole from here:

I added the blueberries myself though as I thought they’d look good and taste nice. And they did! I used tins smaller than the recipe said so had a fair bit of cake left over. I whizzed some of it in a small blender to get the crumbs. Makes a nice decoration don’t you agree?

IMG_3710Now I have to be honest. I did NOT like the cake at first. I tried some without the icing and thought it tasted barely of chocolate, not sweet enough and the texture was funky. But actually, when fully constructed with the super sweet icing and blueberries I was amazed, it tasted damn good! Super rich and slightly sickly in that lovely way birthday cakes often are, this is most definitely a treat cake. You know by just looking at it your arteries have shriveled a bit. But I think that sometimes cake is worth risking death for 🙂



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