Depressed Cakes

Recently your intrepid cake bloggers took a trip to Brick Lane. No not for the curry delights it is famed for. Not for trinket shopping in the market. And not for dodgy-clothing-people-spotting. We went looking for depressed cakes! Confused? Let me enlighten you. We heard about a charity project called The Depressed Cake Shop. It’s a pop up cake shop where every cake is coloured grey. Grey being symbolic of how depression makes the sufferer feel. But inside the cake is colourful, but you don’t know which colour until you dive in. We love a bit of charidee and were intrigued by these grey cakes, so off we went. And I have to say, we weren’t disappointed. These cakes looked stunning! All the greys looked so chic. It was more like the Classy Cake Shop. Here’s a load of photos for you to ooh and ahh over:




Brain cake! Outside: grey. Inside: chocolate and smarties!



Cake pops. Outside: grey. Inside: red!



These pop up shops will be appearing throughout the land so go see these beauties for yourself, and help raise awareness for mental health.


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