Scon scones


Scones scones. Scones scones. Scones scones. Scones scones. Scones scones. Scones scones. Scones scones. Scones scones. I’m saying it both ways. Clearly. One sounds like how it’s spelt. The other like there’s no ‘e’. Scons. I have no preference. I always seem to say both in quick succession. “ooh I really fancy scon scones I do”. “Shall I bake some scon scones?” Like that’s the proper way to say it. Maybe that should be the way to say it. Then the scon/scone confusion of the world with be confusion no more. I’m such a genius.

But back to the matter in hand. I made my first batch of scones. This hankering to make them myself started some time ago when I was given some shop bought ones at a friend’s house. I hadn’t had any for YEARS. Not since I was a kid and I loved them. A lot. But these were truly grimbles. All crumbly and tasteless. They made me sad. Then not long after, I had afternoon tea and ate fresh ones. My love affair with the scone was revved right up to max again! I didn’t care about the fancy desserts arranged all prettily on my three tired cake stand. The scones won hands down. All soft and buttery and light. Then even more recently I was watching The Berry on her cooking programme and she made the hallowed scones. So that was it. I just had to make them. I followed her recipe exactly and had huge success. She made small bite size ones, I prefer a larger scone so quite simply, I made a larger scone. Several in fact. The recipe makes loads so I froze a batch. I still have some I think… I will defrost some right now I think… and then eat them I think….

I like the classic fillings. Clotted cream (sounds rank, taste immense) and jam. Raspberry preferably. But strawberry is good too. Most red jams actually. Butter is nice if you don’t have cream, but slather it on THICK for the proper scone experience. Do you know what’s also great about a fully loaded scone? They contain on 5 calories each. Are full of all your essential vitamins and minerals. They make you more attractive and intelligent. And will ensure you live to at least 300! Who knew? Now go scoff.


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