Diamond Jubilee Cakes (2012)

Any excuse to bake a multi-layered sponge and fill it with double cream and fruit. Not that I needed an excuse.


I knew that I wanted to make something Jubilee themed and when I found this recipe (in a Sainsbury’s magazine I do believe) I thought it would be a great way to get the colour scheme into some baking, so I was immediately tempted to try it out. The Victoria sponges were pretty simple to make, it was just the assembling that was a bit fiddly. A palette knife helped me spread the cream easily between the two layers and on the top, but a large metal spoon would do just the trick if you haven’t got one of those. I didn’t have two identical cake tins and so for the beady eyed amongst you, you may notice that the top layer was ever so slightly wider than the bottom. You might wonder why I didn’t use the larger layer as the base? But it’s easy to come up with these bright ideas in hindsight isn’t it. Thankfully there were no toppling accidents! I would definitely bake this cake again…maybe even trying for three layers…

I also found these Jubilee themed cases and made some cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream, pearl decorations and…blue edible glitter. Well. It was a celebration after all.










Claire x


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