Christmas hampers

Hampers can be filled with whatever goodies you like and then gifted to your favourite people. A couple of years ago Sasa and I decided to put our baking efforts into Christmas hampers, so we did a bit of research into what to put into them. This project was no small feat. It was carefully planned to make sure that we got everything prepped, baked, decorated and packed in time for the big day. After much scrolling through recipes online and in books we eventually whittled down our final contenders. It was serious business. Sasa found some fabulous accessories online (kilner jars for the jams and chutneys as well as hamper boxes). We also took a trip to Hobbycraft to bling up the boxes and individual bakes with festive decorations. What really made these treats look extra special were the homemade tags designed and crafted by Sasa herself. These really added an extra special touch to the individual gifts and when they were attached to the little bags of goodies with festive ribbon they looked immense. Modest, much. The best thing about making hampers is that they can be completely individualised to contain whatever you think the lucky present receiver will enjoy and decorated however you like!


Our hampers included ‘Bedazzling biscuits’ (vanilla snowflake biscuits piped with glitter infused icing sugar), ‘Marvellous mince pies’, ‘Nutty nuts’, ‘Christmas chutney’, ‘Red onion chutney’, ‘Cracking Christmas cake’, ‘Cheeky choccy truffles’ (rolled in either cocoa powder or crushed pistachios) and ‘Festive florentines’.

They took up most of December to put together, but it was a lot of fun and definitely worth it! The only downside was that we had to give them away.

We’ll post details of the recipes nearer the festive season.

Claire x


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