Disco Loaf

IMG_2529Is this cake bright enough? IS IT? Yes it really is isn’t it. Sometimes all I want is a simple sponge. But you have to admit, the insides lack a certain something. Panache. Snaz. Etc. The outside can easily be decorated but the inside? The inside alas, gets forgotten. But not by me. This actually harks back to when I was a kid. A simple sponge was my limit but I could go nuts with the colours. E numbers were my childhood drug of choice. Recently I bought a load of food colouring (the liquid kind) and made a sponge ring cake. The colours were so insipid. What a letdown. I checked the bottles and they were made with ‘natural’ food dyes. Bleugh. I don’t want natural! You think when I’m eating cake I’m thinking of my health? Who is for crying out loud? Give me those E numbers and give them to me now. So the next obvious step was to get some PROPER food colour. And that came in the form of paste. That stuff is the shizzle. I knew it wouldn’t let me down (because I already had it in red). There are soooo many colours available but I went for the classics. They come in small pots and are like intensly coloured goo.IMG_2625 You need such a small amount so start with a bit and work up. Also the baking process tends to make colours more intense I find. This happened with the purple. It didn’t look great raw but turned out lovely once it came out the oven. These are by Sugarflair but there are other brands around.

I made a normal sponge but divided the mixture between four bowls and added food dye to each. Next I shoved the batters into piping bags and sniped the ends off. Only about 1cm up. Then I proceeded to make strips in my pre-lined loaf tin, so it ended up looking like this:


I  baked it in the oven for about 30-40 mins on about gas mark 4 until cooked.

IMG_2520I ate my first slice warm and was transported back to childhood. Thank you radioactive food colourings! You bring me joy.



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