Giant cupcake


If you’re a fan of the cupcake, then what could be better? A giant cupcake of course.

I did a bit of research into the moulds first and settled on a cast-aluminium non-stick one, rather than a silicone mould. Only because I had heard these were better. Not having ever used a silicone one I can’t make a comparison myself, but I can say that the cast-aluminium one worked really well. Phew.

Giant cupcake mould

As stated on the instructions I used a 6 egg cake mix, and added the cake mix to the lid part of the mould half way through cooking because that bakes faster than the base. As I made this about nine months ago I can’t now remember which recipe I used, but there are lots of 6 egg cake mix recipes online.
Once baked I cut the base in two and sandwiched buttercream in between the pieces, as well as adding buttercream in between the base and the lid. I was then attacked by a girly moment, used a Wilton 1M nozzle to pipe even more buttercream onto the lid, dotted on some edible sugar flowers (to hide the gaps!), sprinkled over some edible decorations and glitter and finished off with a happy birthday on top and a ribbon around the base (sadly, not edible).
I baked this one for my mum for her birthday last year and it went down a treat.

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