Victorious Sponge!

See what I did there? Haha… ha… ahem. There’s a lot of fancy cakeage out there but sometimes only the classics will do. The Victoria Sponge will do. And it did. So much. To me…


Just your classic sponge layered with berries and cream. Amazing! It’s another of those cakes that is made for eating with a cup of tea. Pure perfection. As usual I took it to work and got lots of praise. That always makes it worthwhile for me. The adoration I mean. The appreciation. Makes me feel loved. I will admit there was one thing wrong with it. I should have put jam in it too. The berries were nice, but they needed the sweetness of jam to offset their sharpness. That was my view. Others didn’t agree. They were wrong. I was right. So there. But still, the cake was a success. Which is always a relief because as you fellow bakers out there know, there is nothing, NOTHING worse than a bake failure. It totally ruins your day. And everyone else’s who were expecting to eat cake.

I won’t give full instruction because I feel we all know how to do a classic sponge. I’ll just tell you that I sandwiched it with raspberries, strawberries and whipped cream. And for prettiness I dusted icing sugar on top. Lovely stuff.

Sasa x


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