Cupcake decorating

If you’re looking for some inspiration for decorating cupcakes then look no further. Well, look to the end of this post at least!

A star nozzle can give you piping like this:


You can create different effects depending on whether you pipe from the outside of the cake in, or from the middle of the cake out to the edges.

The rope nozzle gives piping that looks like…wait for it…a rope:



A two-tone piping bag has two bags (which you fill with different coloured butter icing) that feed into one nozzle. Ooooohhh:


For extra two-toneness I made a vanilla and chocolate cake mixture and swirled them together before spooning it into the cases:


I think I made these ones using a petal nozzle. I piped two layers, but the butter icing was a bit runny and so the petals weren’t as defined as they could have been:


Glace icing is very easy to make and gives a smooth finish to bakes. It’s just icing sugar and warm water and you can adjust the consistency and add flavourings just the same as butter icing. Recipes for glace and butter icing can usually be found on the back of the icing sugar packets. I added a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice to these ones:


At the Earls Court Cake and Bake Event last year I bought a stencil and made these:


It’s very easy to do and the result is pretty impressive *looks smug*. Basically I bought some ready to roll icing in blue. Rolled it out. Laid the stencil over the top. Shook over some edible glitter. Cut out circles using a glass. Then placed the pieces over the cakes. Easy peasey. The glitter was from the ‘Rainbow Dust Edible Silk Range’ in Metallic Gold Treasure and Metallic Fire Cracker.

So there you go. Hope that’s given you a few ideas for future baking. There’s a whole variety of nozzles and decorations out there so go for it!





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